Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System

The revolutionary ACE™ Salt Water Sanitizing System is based on innovative diamond technology. It uses very low levels of salt in your hot water (about the level of drinking water) to automatically generate the precise amount of natural chlorine and oxidizers needed to keep the water clean (based on spa size and usage level).

Ace System Start-Up Instructions

Introducing Silk Balance for Hot Tubs

Just Pour. Once a week, for the softest skin, and automatically balanced fresh clean water!

  • Simple to use. It is a self-adjusting water care formula. JUST- Pour in one application per week! It automatically balances the water's pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium hardness and eliminates water testing. No other spa water maintenance product works like SilkBalance for Spas. We'll even save you time by shipping right to your door.
  • Feels great! You instantly notice the water feels different; luxuriously soft and your skin will experience a silky smooth feeling. And, no more dry and itchy skin after leaving your hot tub. Sensitive skin is free from irritation.
  • Pure and Clean. You can trust SilkBalance to provide a safe bathing environment in the Hot tub.
  • No chemical smell. It has a fresh, clean scent instead of a chemical odor and is an environmentally friendly formula.
  • Environmentally Friendly. It is safer and easier on the environment than the chemicals used in many spas. When you drain your spa, there are no precautions required.
  • Protects Equipment. It breaks down limescale deposits and inhibits the build up of excess calcium from the water, preventing problems in your hot tub.
  • Now in a 76-ounce or 38-ounce bottle.

Introducing Clean Start for Silk Balance Customers

Clean Start is a product formulated to go hand-in-hand with the SilkBalance water-conditioning program.

Before you start:

  • Use Clean Start to purge your hot tubs plumbing system.
  • A simple way to stabilize hot tub water chemistry.
  • It removes any buildup within the plumbing lines of your hot tub.

Once a year:

  • As you change water, use Clean Start to ensure a totally bacteria free hot tub.

"SilkBalance™ For A Relaxing Silky Spa Experience"

SilkBalance™ was formulated with a unique technology that immediately begins to adjust the water's properties, removing excess minerals and metals, which if allowed to build up over time can be detrimental to filters and pumps. It was also formulated to be mild on your skin and contains mineral salts that leave your skin feeling silky smooth and invigorated. It does not leave a lingering odor of strong chemicals but rather a clear refreshing wonderful water scent.

Renewed Skin, Clean Scent

After the first time you use Silk Balance you will immediately notice a difference in the way your skin feels. Soft, smooth, and silky, Silk Balance will leave your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. The strong smell of chemicals will be replaced with a fresh scent that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

How to Maintain Your Spa

Other Products for Water Care


Enjoying fresh, clean spa water should be an everyday experience as a spa owner. The EverFresh® Water Care System makes it easy to keep your water clean and clear, while reducing the need for chlorine.


SpaGuard has a full line of spa care products for whatever sanitizing program you prefer. Chlorine and Bromine Products. SpaGuard offers sanitizers, oxidizers, and balancers all formulated for maximum performance and value.

Baqua Spa

A full line of high quality bromine–free, chlorine–free products for long-lasting bacteria control and gentle spa water. that provides effective control of bacteria and protects against staining and discoloration due to metals. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable in elevated temperatures, and lasts longer than bromine- or chlorine-based sanitizers.

@ease Floating System

Introducing the innovation of SmartChlor™ Technology – the self-regulating chlorine that works together with FROG minerals in the easy to use @ease Floating System. Enjoy the benefits of Fresh Mineral Water® that’s cleaner, clearer, softer and easier to take care of with the unique properties of SmartChlor™ Technology that uses up to 75% less chlorine* and greatly reduces hot tub maintenance like shocking.