How to Maximize the Life of your ACE System

The ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is a revolutionary system. Using innovative diamond technology, ACE keeps your salt levels low while automatically generating the right amount of natural chlorine and oxidizers needed to keep your hot tub clean. The ACE System reduces the amount of water products you have to manually put in your hot tub, helps your hot tub water last longer, and ultimately, saves you money. The ACE does it all.

How To Relax Your Mind

This is a question that comes to me often in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep, ‘how to relax your mind?’. I’m sure you have done many of the same things I have. I have counted sheep. I have gone downstairs and made a cup of tea or a glass of warm milk. I have sipped on a glass of whisky. I have turned on the TV and put on an interesting yet boring documentary. I have of course picked up my phone and circled through email, facebook, instagram and back again with nothing new to see. I have turned on the light and read chapter after chapter.

Five Reasons Not to Buy from The Hot Tub Store

  1. If you do not want to get the highest quality hot tub that will provide you with the best ownership experience and easiest hot tub maintenance, you should not buy from The Hot Tub Store.
  2. If you don't want a hot tub that will provide you with unparalleled hydrotherapy and relaxing hot water soaking that will also be extremely energy efficient, you should not buy from The Hot Tub Store.

Drought Guide: Save Your Shower

Fall has arrived, but unfortunately the drought that has been plaguing us all summer doesn’t seem interested in leaving with the warmer season. Because of this drought, it’s our responsibility to take extra steps and make careful choices in order to promote water conservation. With this in mind, we’ve created a series of blog posts about how you can battle the drought effectively with your hot tub! Today, we’re going to discuss how using your hot tub can save your shower-- and save you water at the same time!

Why a Hot Tub?

Imagine having your own private hot spring in your backyard. Wake up, roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and step out into the backyard. The sun is rising and the birds are chirping. Flip the cover off your hot tub and step into the comfortable warm crystal clear water. Let the hot water surround you and sooth you as you sip your coffee and wake with the beauty of today. Can you imagine a better way to start your day?