Water Care

ACE™ Salt Water Sanitizing System

The revolutionary ACE™ Salt Water Sanitizing System is based on innovative diamond technology.  It uses very low levels of salt in your hot water (about the level of drinking water) to automatically generate the precise amount of natural chlorine and oxidizers needed to keep the water clean (based on spa size and usage level).

SilkBalance®Silk Balance

SilkBalance™ Was formulated with a unique technology  that immediately begins to adjust the water’s properties, removing excess minerals and metals, which if allowed to build up over time can be detrimental to filters and pumps. It was also formulated to be mild on your skin and contains mineral salts that leave your skin feeling silky smooth and invigorated. It does not leave a lingering odor of strong chemicals but rather a clear refreshing wonderful water scent.

SilkBalance™ will extend the lifetime of your spa equipment components by breaking down existing lime scale deposits the first time you use it and then continuously inhibiting further build up that comes into spas from tap water.
SilkBalance™ instantly changes the properties of the spa water by making it difficult for existing lime scale to attach itself to anything in the spa and then releases it to be captured by the filters.

By eliminating existing limes scale deposits and continuously inhibiting the excess calcium build up it allows water to flow freely throughout the spas’ internal plumbing and jet fixtures. Stronger flowing Jets deliver the intended power of hydrotherapy to your body and muscles. Other components, such as the internal water heater will last longer.

Baqua SpaBaqua Spa

A full line of high quality bromine–free, chlorine–free products for long-lasting bacteria control and gentle spa water. that provides effective control of bacteria and protects against staining and discoloration due to metals. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable in elevated temperatures, and lasts longer than bromine- or chlorine-based sanitizers.

SpaGuard ChemicalsSpaGuard Chemicals

SpaGuard has a full line of spa care products for whatever sanitizing program you prefer. Chlorine and Bromine Products. SpaGuard offers sanitizers, oxidizers, balancers, accessories, and Moments®, all formulated for maximum performance and value.