The Oldest Hot Tub Store in Northern California Celebrates 40 Years of Hot Tubbing!

How did we become the oldest hot tub store in Northern California?  In 1973 Bob Wismer moved with his family from the LA area to Santa Rosa.  He learned in Sunset Magazine about this new thing called the hot tub.  He found there was no way to buy one, and, being a handy guy, he and his partner, Rick compiled the components and built a redwood hot tub. Thinking it was going to be a fad for a year or two, they started making hot tubs in the garage on the weekends.  Soon there was a store front and as the industry evolved, so did the Hot Tub Store.

In the early days most spas were custom made, but over the course of time, we ended up selling many brands. In 1976 we sold our first Hot Spring Spa, a rather unusual looking, ugly dog dish that ran on 110v, but it worked!  Standing the test of time, Hot Springs always stood out above all other brands of spas.

We have gone from a garage in Santa Rosa to 5 stores located throughout Northern California.  Our sales team, our service team, our delivery team and our office team are all treasures. We have won numerous awards, including, in 2000, the prestigious Locksin Thompson award for the top dealer of Hot Spring Spas.

So, here we are 40 years later having served over 20,000 customers.  We know that without them we would not be here today.  We thank them and we look forward to serving you.