Finnleo Saunas

The benefits of heat bathing become tangible once you’ve experienced an authentic Finnelo sauna, steam bath or infrared heat therapy room. Muscles relax. Aches fade away. Heart and circulation improve. Skin is renewed. Tension and discord slip into harmony. Body and soul are refreshed.

There is no better way to deal with mental strain and fatigue or to reduce stress and relax muscles than in a Finnleo sauna, steam bath or infrared heat therapy room. In fact, even Dr. Mehmet Oz raved about the Benefits of Infrared Saunas on a March 24, 2009 edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

He said that using an Infrared Saunas is one of the best things you can do for your health. He indicated that that the high temperature in a saunas heats the body up and helps to lower a person’s blood pressure, increase blood circulation, sweats out toxins through the skins and also increases your metabolism to burn more calories.

The Hot Tub Store is an exclusive dealer of Finnleo saunas. Our sauna models range from truly portable to full 10-person models with variable seating. With both custom and standard enclosure options, you’re sure to find the model that is just right for your life.

Sauna are available to view at our Santa Rosa location.

Sauna Accessories

Finnleo® Accessories

Add Extra Pleasure To Your Sauna!

Enhance your sauna experience with handsomely made accessories. Crafted of the finest materials, they’ll add years of enjoyment to your sauna. All sauna packages include standard accessories of thermometer, bucket, ladle, backrests, light and heater guard rail. The accessories above are available for those who already have their sauna and are looking to enhance their experience or for those who wish to upgrade their current accessory offering. More Info

Far-Infrared Sauna

Whether you use your sauna to wind down after a stressful day at work, after a workout to reduce pain in muscles and joints, to detoxify for a healthier body, or before bed to promote a deeper, more restful sleep, let a Saunatec Far-Infrared Sauna work its special effects on you.

The benefits of sauna therapy are almost immeasurable. Indulge and invest in your good health…in something that not only feels good, but is good for you. The “Premium Line” by Saunatec is a new generation of Far-Infrared Saunas – using the latest in organic carbon technology – designed to give you the ultimate IR Sauna experience. More Info

Outdoor Saunas

Finnleo’s outdoor saunas tie in perfectly with outdoor entertaining poolside, spa side, near the patio or lakeside. Since three of the four Metro models include spacious changing rooms, these wonderful backyard amenities can easily double as a pool-house. More Info


A Finnleo® Custom-Cut Sauna will meet your special needs. Custom-Cut Saunas are perfect for new construction or remodeling: residences, hotels, corporate fitness centers, health clubs, apartment buildings. A special design or unique location doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

The options are unlimited — innovative use of glass windows and doors, unusual angles, unique bench configurations. With a Finnleo® Custom-Cut Sauna, you can achieve them all. Your design, in partnership with Finnleo® experience and quality, assures unmatched form and function. If you can design it, we can build it.

We’ll pre-cut the finest materials for your walls and ceiling, we’ll pre-build the benches and door — all for final installation on your framed walls. Simply provide the inside dimensions, the door location and your preference for bench configuration — we’ll do the rest. Need design assistance to overcome potential challenges? Contact us. We’ll provide free recommendations and C.A.D. drawings. More Info

Sisu Prefab/Modular Sauna

True to tradition, Finnleo® saunas are made in Finnish style exclusively of fine grained Nordic White Spruce. Sisu rooms are light and well-ventilated, with a subtle hint of deep Finnish forests. The extensive use of Abachi white wood makes it comfortable to the touch — even at high temperatures. Abachi has no knots or splinters and resists stains as well as odor absorption.

Pamper yourself with the soft, even heat from Finnleo® ‘s exclusive heater design. Direct contact between the elements and rocks eliminates the harsh metallic feel characteristic of lower-quality heaters. More Info

Patio Saunas

Finnleo’s new Patio Saunas come pre-built in two pieces, designed to be locked together with integral camlatches -for easy assembly in a matter of minutes. Unlike the Thera-Port, Patio saunas are not plug-in, but need to be hard wired by an electrician. They come in four sizes and custom sizes are also available. Portability, exceptional quality and easy installation make these a sauna lover’s dream. Since they can be placed outside on a pool deck or patio, they make a great complement to a pool or spa, too! More Info

Portable Saunas


Finnleo’s Passport Series has quickly become known as one of the best values in traditional saunas. Several unique features make it one of the easiest saunas to own – easy to assemble with hook & pin simplicity, yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas.Finnleo’s goal was to create a value line of traditional Finnish sauna with ease-of-ownership features similar to our Infrared Sauna line. The Passport Series has, remarkably, achieved those goals. All Passport Saunas include the following features

Portable PS44

Imagine having this complete Finnish sauna experience quickly, easily and wherever you like. And what’s more, it is truly portable. This extension of the Passport series is available with the similar features as the other size Passport series, but with 120 volt plug-in instead of 240volt. More Info

Designer Series

There are Several Designer styles to choose from!

Clean, contemporary styling, highly prized woods, and quality craftsmanship, make a designer Finnish sauna the ultimate in luxury and comfort. A modular, prefab sauna in which each board is individually selected and finished and each door and window handmade to meet the most lavish tastes. More Info